About Us
Shivo hum India is operating as Consultants in the field of Human Resource Development and offer services to all concerned in Business or Non Business organizations, Government and NGOs`, Social Entrepreneurs.

Our Services include assessment and identification of Organization’s needs for Human Resource for fulfillment of its short term Objectives and Long term Goals.

It is believed that Organization simply attains its objectives, if its people identify their needs for excellence and commit performance accordingly. We assist the Institution and the Resource in shaping themselves to achieve.

We assist evolving Organization Philosophy, Vision, Orientation for the same., build team , develop people committed to Business, Ethics.

Operationally-we assist in all activities and sub activities for training and development of Human Resource.

Traditionally speaking, right from Executive Search, Recruitment, Selection , Motivation studies ,Performance Appraisal to Training for effective Management are part of our  Services.

Contact Shivo Hum India on we can help you stay Competitive In today’s ever increasing Economy.

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